• Focusing on our members:
      • With less than 50 members in 2017, the association has more than 300 members from different diversity who are registered by the National Environment Management Council.
      • We achieved in developing different trainings with our members on the Introduction of EIA, Environment Management in Mining, Biodiversity Management and Waste Management Programs.
  • Regulators: we have collaborated with ensuring laws and regulations protects the interest of both consultants, Developer, and regulator (NEMC).
  • Investors: working closely in providing forward and backward linkages on Environment and Investment as our key client.
  • Society: raising awareness to the public on the importance of protecting the Environment.


Moreover, the association also is in the process of developing a Five Years Strategic Plan 2021/20222- 2025/2026 which will act as a guidance/ framework for our activities in the next five years also we are looking forward to Introducing our Environment Management Courses